Ambulance for Zaporizhzhia region

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YOUkraine is happy to report that our next ambulance car has been delivered to Ukraine. The head of our organization, Ivan Dyba, personally handed over the ambulance and the specialized medical backpack to the paramedics that are heading to serve in the hottest points of the Zaporizhzhia region. On behalf of the whole team, he thanked them for their commitment, bravery, and all the saved lives.

This ambulance was purchased with the funds raised at the charity exhibition ARTukraїna. We would like to express our gratitude to the curator Lesia Kochergina, all artists who took part in this exhibition, and all volunteers whose hard work made the event a grand success. Many thanks also go to Andriy Kirichuk, TOV Skloresurs, Dubno, for car repair financing.

We know how crucial it is for frontline paramedics to have reliable and well-equipped vehicles and gear to provide first aid and evacuate the wounded. That’s why our charity fund is committed to supporting their life-saving work. By donating to YOUkraine or contributing in any way, you are helping to make this possible.

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