Financial report March to June 2022

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We are very pleased to share our first financial  statement and report for the period of March 2022 to June 2022 as described below

After 3 months of hard work, our team managed to raise 78.131,36 euros. 73.577,84 euros of these funds have been already spent to provide direct and essential aid to the people of Ukraine:

➡️ 46400 euros spent on 7 ambulance cars

➡️ 17.841,48 euros used to buy medical equipment and surgical instruments

➡️ 253,24 euros spent on medical nutrition and medicine

➡️ 2.668,97 euros used to collect 100 First Aid Kits (IFAK)

➡️ 1050 euros spent on life-saving food boxes together with Austria stands with Ukraine

➡️ 1.454,61 euros covered our transportation costs

➡️ 2.014,9 euros spent on emergency generators

➡️ 1.894,64 euros spent on fund-raising events