Medical supplies for the Vinnytsia military hospital

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This week at our Volunteer Center has been simply extraordinary! We’re thrilled to share that in the past few days, we’ve received incredible support from a heartwarming mix of visitors and donors from near and far, and their contributions have been truly impactful.
But what made this week even more special was the visit from our dear friends Maren Riekmann, Aurel Sommerlad, Christian, Paul, and Stan from German Verein Hilfswerk Bodensee e.V.!
Hilfswerk Bodensee has collected money and bought a fully-equipped ambulance that is en route to Ukraine, accompanied by part of their team. Along with this, they’ve donated an incredible amount of essential medical supplies intended for the Vinnytsia military hospital. Our dedicated volunteers, GK Max and Sofia Hraban, using the van provided by Vienna Mission for Ukraine, will ensure these supplies are delivered to those in need in Ukraine.
The outpouring of support we’ve seen this week is nothing short of incredible, and it serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of unity and community. We’re beyond thankful for the generosity of every single person who has contributed to the victory of Ukraine!