Music can save souls, and your donations – human lives!

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“Music can save souls, and your donations – human lives!” This rallying call served as the slogan for the charity concert “Benefizkonzert mit jungen Talenten,” featuring talented young musicians from Ukraine and Austria, which took place in Tulln on June 25, 2023. The primary goal of this initiative was to raise funds to acquire an ambulance for Ukrainian paramedics.
Today, we are happy to report that an ambulance purchased with the proceeds from the concert has been handed over to the paramedics who serve in the hottest points of the front. Before being sent to the East, where it saves lives, bringing people from the shelling, the car underwent a technical inspection in Lviv and was repainted in green. Given thousands of cases of Russia targeting ambulances, medics, and hospitals, which are acts classified as war crimes and brutal violations of the Geneva Conventions, this measure is intended to reduce the vehicle’s visibility to the enemy.
We would like to express our special gratitude to the organizer of the concert, Kateryna Savitska, and all the talented participants of the “Benefizkonzert mit jungen Talenten” initiative. Special thanks go to the Stadtgemeinde Tulln and mayor Peter Eisenschenk for their invaluable support in both the concert organization and providing the venue, Peter Höckner for covering the expenses for advertising, Anna Shepelyeva for communication support, Alfred Lauber – Plattform Flüchtlingshilfe Tulln, Musikschule Tulln and Ukrainian refugees for the buffet, Prof. Hermann Bürstmayr for spreading a word about the concert, Dmytro Potapenko for the banner design and our concert hosts, Michael Eichmair and Andriy Yavorskyi, for guiding us through the evening’s performances. Many thanks to EGON To Go – Filicori Zecchini Tulln, Erstebank Tulln, Krone Sonne, Dlouhy GmbH, CIB Kreditversicherungsmakler GmbH, Dr. Dominikus Giefing, Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co KG, Dr. Joachim Michaels and all guests of the concert for their generous donations.
Thank you for standing with Ukraine!