One more car to evacuate the wounded

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Every day, Ukrainians suffer from Russian aggression, and every day, they show the world their unity, strength, and resilience. Тарас Матвіїв raised funds among his friends, fellow architects, and other caring Ukrainians to buy a car to evacuate the wounded. In the areas where no ambulance can pass, but someone’s son or father awaits rescue, this off-road vehicle, staffed by courageous paramedics, will drive to save lives.
We are very grateful to Taras for organizing the fundraising and his enormous efforts in bringing this idea to live, and to everyone who contributed to the collection. YOUkraine is very happy to assist him in this project. We also wish the medics team strength and good luck and thank them for their work.
Soon, this vehicle will go to Ukraine, where it will be adapted to the needs of paramedics and further help them in their challenging work.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!