The week of ArtUkraїna

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The week of Ukrainian art “ArtUkraїna” at the Volkskundemuseum Wien has come to an end, but the emotions and memories from the experienced event will accompany us for a long time.
We have created this event to share a vast variety of the embodiment of Ukraine rendered out on canvas by Ukrainian artists and raise funds to support Ukrainian paramedics who battle to save the lives of people suffering from war.
The paintings presented at this exhibition were a reflection of the national identity that lives in the heart of every Ukrainian. They helped to delve into the original Ukrainian culture through art, which has its own peculiarities but contains universal values of freedom, and love for the native land, family, and community. No matter how much our enemies press on, they will never take away the courage, strength, and desire for freedom that Ukrainians have embodied for hundreds of years.
We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to this event and helped to make it special. Many thanks to all the prominent and talented artists who donated their works to us, Volkskundemuseum Wien for its comprehensive support and platform for the exhibition, architectural bureau Schuberth und Schuberth for exhibition design, and Lesia Kochergina Леся Кочергіна for her curatorial work and incredible contribution to the common cause.
We were honored that you spent this time with us to not only lend a hand to the people of Ukraine but also gain a deeper appreciation for the splendor and diversity of Ukrainian art.
Photos from the opening ceremony by @malt5eva.
Live music Bohdan Shutka.